Master Kase Sling Bag to carry the Nintendo Switch

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The Master Kase Nintendo Switch Sling Bag is an always-on-the-ready eco-friendly bag must-have for hardcore gamers, offering unmatched protection, organized storage, and a built-in gaming stand for your Nintendo Switch and OLED. It's a must-have for gamers who can't bear to be separated from their beloved console.
Read more about the story behind the Master Kase: Behind the scenes


27 * 13 * 18cm  |  10.6 * 5.1 * 7 inches (for Nintendo Switch / iPad Mini)






rPET(~2.3 bottles per bag)

Q: When will the delivery of Master Kase begin?

A: Deliveries will start on August 15th, 2023.


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A: While our target is to start deliveries on August 15th, we'll do our best to ship out orders as soon as possible. However, please note that the delivery date is subject to production and logistics timelines.


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A: While we strive to meet the specified delivery date, unforeseen circumstances or logistical challenges may cause slight delays. In such cases, we'll keep you informed about any changes and provide updates on the estimated delivery timeframe.


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A: During the pre-order process, customers' card information is securely stored, and payment is not immediately deducted. The card will be charged when the order is ready to be shipped.


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Customer Reviews

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The Arc Organizer is a truly clever creation!

Geek Dad

Honestly, this is one of the most versatile carrying bags for the Nintendo Switch that I have ever used.

Nintendo Link

It is super padded, I mean this thing is padded, nothing is happening to your switch in there, it's fine!

Drip Media Gaming

There is no such thing as a perfect bag but there is such a thing as a cool one. The Master Kase by KIWEE checks all the boxes as a cool bag made for gamers.

Julien Melnick


For wherever
and however
you game


For quick Switch gaming on the go, not just storage. 3 steps, 8-sec startup.

anti-slip strap allows for convenient on-the-go gaming

Console protector

High-quality die-cast plastic compartment safeguards the console from external damage.


A main compartment for your console, accessory compartment for your needs, and side compartments for extra needs. 


An open-world storage solution that simplifies your gaming setup, keeping accessories snug, organized, and protected. Can be used to protect your Pro controllers, joy-cons, cameras, and more.

Three level gaming support

Console support for Pro controller use in any scenario, say, extremely useful for when there's no flat surface available and you need a controller to maneuver.

Card storage

Retractable hidden cartridge storage holds up to 16 game cards for convenient organization.

Collapsible for extra portability

With a  maximum capacity of 3.2 liters. It is large enough to accommodate various daily portable items. In chest and backpack mode, this bag can be made even smaller and more compact.

Versatile Carry Styles

Choose the perfect carry style for your needs with our suggested options.


The inner walls of the storage compartment are lined with our custom high-density foam shock-absorbing material, providing basic shock protection for the stored items. 

Recycled Material

70% recycled-PET Material - Stay dry and protect your belongings with waterproof and eco-friendly RPET fabric made from ~2.3 recycled plastic bottles

Anti-theft zipper pull tab

Simply attach it to the end of your zipper, and it provides an additional layer of protection against theft, deterring unauthorized access.


The Literary Gamer

Console + Kindle + Ear pods

The Adventurous Gamer

Console + Selfie stick + Camera + Power bank + Charger

The Multitasking Gamer

Console + iPad mini + Ear pods + Charger

The Everyday Carry Gamer

Console + 16 Card storage + Credit card + Keys + Power bank + Wallet

The Pro Setup Game Console

Console + 16 Card storage + Split pad pro + Smart phone + Ear pods

The Audio Fusion Gamer

Console + 16 Card storage + Smart phone + Head phones + Pro controller + Charging cord

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