Design & Sustainability


We are not a corporate giant.  Our goals are the center of what we do and we only focus on things that we care much about.

Here are a few things that we put our days and nights into.

 Design Language

Since the 1860s, the first industrial revolution gradually shaped an industrial and universal aesthetic. Today, people’s apparel does not define their origin.

Our design guidelines strictly follow a  specific silhouette approach, proportion, and material division to create THAT particular aesthetic. We want our products  to talk to you individually, beyond any culture, language, or background. 

Our design language evolves as industrialization transforms.

New Experience

As a brand founded by designers, excellent user experience is our top goal during each product’s development.

To us, experience design goes beyond a CAD drawing on the screen. Instead,  we approach it like a set of experiments. We are always learning, always improving. We study usage trends and strive for a natural match with the materials at hand. Once a certain material or technique meets a certain usage habit, a new design is born.

Material and Technique Driven

Researching available materials and techniques is our playground, the fun part of this business.

Every year we maintain significant resources specifically for testing new materials, components, and sewing techniques.  Materials from other industries say the chemical sector, is often an inspiration for new concepts. In most cases, it doesn’t work in the beginning and some designs take several years to be optimized. The waiting list for products “under construction” grows long during this process of trial and error. Emerging material & technique is what we are chasing all the time.


From Aristotle to Madame Curie, no one knew what would benefit our globe 200 years into the future.

It is now evidently the time to start building a better relationship between human beings and the earth. There are many different approaches out there already: recycled material, lower carbon footprint, easy-disassemble(to be classified during recycling), multiple degradable materials, etc.

We don’t believe in any quick-fix. Instead, we constantly apply novel strategies and test new combinations. We believe we will figure out our approach that lasts the tests of time, eventually.

Only time tells what really works.