Privacy Policy

Data collecting is abusive today. We take privacy seriously, as much as you do.

This could take a few minutes, but it is worth reading carefully. It tells you frankly where and what data we collect when you visit, communicate with, and purchase from our site and how and why we use your personal data. We hope to make you fully aware of our purpose and approach.

Privacy concerns are evolving. We continue to update our privacy policy according to changes in regulations in different countries and regions regularly.

Most recent update: August 1st 2020.

If you have any questions about using our site or the following document, please follow our instructions or contact us here.

Definition: “we”

All terms of “we” as well as “our” or “us” mentioned here refer to the company Kiwee (Shanghai) Trading Co,. Ltd. and its associated company Kiwee Trading LLC.

We operate two sites, one in Asia and one in North America. We manage to sell and wholesale urban outdoor goods worldwide.

Definition: “personal data”

Any data that could identify you is defined as your “personal data”.

Commonly, it includes your consignee information (so it might also include your family address), your email address, and in some countries, even your IP Address.

What do we collect?

When you visit this website, we collect data on website use and collect other data about purchases and registration. It includes the 3 types of data mentioned below:

General Data

The general data that we collect mainly includes how you surf this website, like:

  • The pages you visit on this website and the duration of each visit
  • The way you visit our site, for example, search engines or traffic guided from an outside source
  • The device, operation system, and browser you use
  • Your geographic location and time zone
  • Additional information that we may draw from the data mentioned above, etc.

*Please note that  data collecting methods and analysis are embedded into, which we used to build this website.

Personal Data

We collect personal data that is required to finish registration or purchase, like:

  • Your name and username
  • Your email address
  • You billing and shipping address information
  • Your payment method
  • Your purchase
  • Other product requests that you may write to us via email

IP Address

Besides these two major parts, in some countries (and some states in certain countries), your IP Address is defined as a part of your personal data, and we treat it accordingly.

The term “IP Address” refers to your computer or cellphone’s public network address used to browse websites on any web browser. From this IP Address, it is possible to determine a general geographic location like your city or your campus.

Why do we collect data?

General Data & Personal Data

General data helps us know our customers better to improve our products and service. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Improving and evolving our products by communicating with you and dealing with your claims and feedback. This is a major part of our post-sales data collection process.
  • Providing insights for new designs by communicating with you and reviewing frequently asked product questions.
  • Optimizing logistic solutions, for example, deciding where our Europe warehouse should be located, and collect and review order delivery efficiency in Europe.
  • Improving this website in both surfing experience and shopping efficiency by analyzing user behavior and interactions on this site. This contributes to the web analytics we utilize on this site. We use two primary tools, Shopify embedded analysis and Google analytics. User data in both of these tools is pseudonymized.
  • Read more about Shopify’s privacy policy:
  • Read more about Google’s privacy policy:
  • Building a strong community by analyzing email communication and building content accordingly.
  • Communicating with you via email and telephone.
  • Marketing to you by better targeting our ads to interested customers.
  • Protecting all parties during the purchase procedures by detecting IP Addresses and customer info and payment methods to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Personal Data

Personal data will be used more specifically in orders you place and other potential order related issues, including but not limited to:

  • Filling and to delivering your order and issuing invoices.
  • Dealing with legal obligation matters according to regulations in different countries.
  • Solving other order related issues, including product requests, warranties, returns, refunds, etc.

How do we collect data?

This website automatically collects some general data when surfing on the webpage, especially user behavior and usage data.

Other information is provided by you during registration, checkout, newsletter signup, and voluntarily participation in surveys on this site. You can decide if you want to provide us with this data and information. Please note that if you choose not to provide your personal data, it will limit some features on this website, such as, purchases.

*Please also note that we do not alter this website’s data collection procedure when we see a DO-NOT-TRACK signal from your web browser.

Where and how do we store data?

In the following situations, we need to share your data with certain 3rd parties, including but not limited to:

  • Fulfilling your order and delivery with carriers, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, SF, and potentially other carriers.
  • Handling your payment securely with 2checkout (a VeriFone Holding, Inc. company) and possibly other partners.
  • Sending you newsletters and surveys via web suppliers.
  • Paying commissions to affiliates via the suppliers’ platform
  • Implementing targeted advertising on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, etc.
  • Protecting all parties during purchase procedures.

*Please note that we maintain the right to disclose personal data when requested legally by local regulators, courts, governments, and their departments.

*Please note that we do not disclose any data to retargeting. We DO NOT sell personal data.

*Please note that our server is located in the US and some of our suppliers mentioned above are located in US as well. If you live in the European Union (EU), it means your personal data is transferred outside of the EU to the US.


You own your personal data, and you have rights to:

  • Know the personal data we retain.
  • Ask us to update your personal data if it is incorrect.
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters.
  • Request to delete your account if you have an account on this website.
  • Ask us to delete all of your personal data if you choose not to interact with us in the future.

*Please note that once your personal data is permanently deleted from this website, it is irreversible. Thus, certain services, including but not limited to newsletters and warranties, can longer be provided.

*Please note that you have the right to opt-out of Google analytics via web browser add-ons:

You can also opt out of targeted advertising on the following sites:

Contact us

If you have any questions about your personal data or our privacy policy, please write us here.