Steps toward
the unknown.

Travel Goods

To make a journey enjoyable, it is a pleasure to have a company with you.

Why Kiwee?


 On average, we spend 12 months developing each product. We are proud that, unlike all the others on the market, you experience the uniqueness from Kiwee collections, from the design to functionality. 

Sustainability exploration

We are discovering a solution to long-term sustainability. Join this journey by using our collection and share your feedback and ideas with us.

Safety guarantee

From standard durability tests to the TVOC test, we test collections ourselves and through 3rd party institutes before every production launch. Strict quality control procedure is essential in our everyday work.

An evolving product

We use our bags daily and improve them annually to meet our needs and customer feedback. People change over time and the best products adapt accordingly. A good product shines more as it evolves.

& Sustainability