Kiwee | Our Story

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We'd like to start off with our story beginning with our background.
Back in 2015, we were a bunch of industrial & interaction designers.  We designed everything from ballpoint pens to cranes for various clients over 10 years.
We became desperate for a new challenge and desired to create something from scratch, to design a brand.
In winter of that year, by the rough seaside in Chengmai, we came across a group of clam diggers.
We were fascinated by the old-fashioned laboring pants that they wore. It was polished by time yet still kept a gentle touch.
At that moment, we decided to make something out of it.
The phrase “I have an idea!” came easy, yet making it happen was not. In the next 12 months, we kept on testing and improving the design and material, since initially that specific material was only for chemistry industry and was really smelly.
Kiwee bag prototypesKiwee - Our first prototype
↑ Our first prototype
In March 2016, we launched our first product, the fisherman backpack, at a pop-up exhibition in Shanghai. We presented the backpack’s ability to organize all belongings and its versatility on the go. The fisherman backpack’s material, the look and the touch,  stood out from the crowd. Our story started when our team cracked open beers to celebrate selling out in the first weekend.
We believe all life-changing products come from steps towards the unknown. Our next small step is yet to come.
And further, wish you enjoy the outcomes of this venture.
Kiwee logo on fisherman backpack
*One more word, the name “Kiwee” comes from an ancient animation <kiwi!> back in 2006.
It lights us, showing that until you give it a try, you never know what’s ahead.
That little bird moves us forward from the very beginning.
Take a look here: