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Kiwee x Master Tingus | A Brain Recycling Project Bag Collaboration

We have partnered with Master Tingus is an independent animation artist from Australia, for our latest bag collaboration. Tingus describes himself as a surreal illustrator.
We are thrilled to introduce the "Triangle Sling Bag for Master Tingus". This sling bag is made from recycled plastic  and are ideal for environmentally conscious individuals.
We spent a year and a half working on this project, going from searching for the meaning of work and life to just focusing on creating something fun, and we had a blast growing together along the way.

1. The Start of the Bag Collaboration

So, one day in 2021, a friend sent me a Master Tingus YouTube video. I spent the whole afternoon watching it and feeling like I was lost in a David Lynch movie. You know that feeling, right? You finish watching and you're like, "What just happened? What did I just watch? I need to think about this for a minute." But then you can't remember anything specific because it's just too out there.
Master Tingus Logo
But my team and I loved it, so we thought, "Hey, why not try to collaborate with him to design a bag?" We exchanged emails for a few months, chatting about work-life balance, the fear of life being controlled by work, and whether work could have its own consciousness (deep stuff, man). 
Tingus suggested creating something together to explore these ideas. There began the following experiments:

Early Sketch 1

Master Tingus Kiwee sketch the brain tree

Early Sketch 2

Master tingus x Kiwee
After several discussions, Tingus decided to continue exploring the idea of the brain as an independent entity, separate from the body and consciousness. In his own words, "Often, our brains work harder than even our muscles. I embedded the brain into a surreal world, exploring the endless possibilities of what it could be and do. From imagining it having a life of its own to becoming a tree that feeds on knowledge and memory like nutrients, and even recycling itself through a woodchipper." 

Concept 1

master tingus x kiwee

Concept 2

master tingus x Kiwee

Concept 3

kiwee x master tingus
Eventually, the full picture of the animation for the bag collaboration gradually emerged.

2. Recycling and The Tree?

As the animation concept took shape, we realized that pursuing meaning itself was meaningless. The concept of "recycling" itself may already be significant enough for an independent brain to operate. It is a strong and interesting concept.
We decided to use recycled PET fabric to bring our idea to life. It's a perfect fit, really. The brain tree represents the idea of "recycling" in a really interesting way, and the fabric is recycled, too. Plus, it looks really cool on the Triangle Sling Bag! When you open and close the sling bag, the brain tree moves, symbolizing the never-ending cycle of life. 
Thus, the main concept of "A Brain Recycling Project" was born.
Master tinus x kiwee a brain recycling project sling bag
Under this theme, Tingus further explored the specific form and found a strong visual element: the tree. He said, "I pondered what it means to be a tree, where it comes from, and what happens to it. I realized that books, the ultimate brain food, come from trees too. And just like that, the brain tree becomes the perfect life cycle." The emergence of the tree perfectly visualized and extended the value of the cycle.
Master tingus x kiwee a brain recycling project sling bag
Therefore, we decided to use the tree as the main element on the sling bags body, which opens and closes between the fingers, shuttling through cycles and years. The bag collaboration has indeed taken shape.
Master tingus x kiwee a brain recycling project triangle sling bag
kiwee x master tingus tringle sling bag
View Bag
In addition, because both parties love a certain scene from the 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which cannot be revealed here, this tree takes us further on our packaging journey. The so-called holy book stands tall at a hundred feet, towering over the abyss, gazing at the stars.
Master tingus x kiwee a brain recycling project sling bag box
Together with Tingus, we started from the animation...
Hey there, don't sweat the meaning too much when watching the animation. Just go with your gut feeling and decide if you like it or not. (And if you can, please don't toss away this beautiful packaging box when you receive the Triangle Sling Bag. You can use this nifty little box as a substitute for your brain and store some of your external belongings in it.)

3. The Secret

Now, let's talk about the bag itself.
The Triangle sling bag is suitable for the present-day you. You can wear it on one shoulder, ride your bike, or skate with ease. There are also different fastening options to fit snugly against your back if you're into low-impact exercise. It is also water-resistant, so you can take it out in light rain or snow. And if you want to lighten the load on your shoulders, you can detach the outer and inner bags and carry them separately.
Oh, and speaking of hidden surprises, Tingus just couldn't resist adding a little Easter egg storyline to the Triangle Sling Bag It's tucked away in the pendant hanging off the bag, and it's a charming little short story. We hope you enjoy it!
master tingus x kiwee
After receiving your Triangle Sling Bag, take a moment to bathe, dress up, light some candles, and enjoy this special Easter egg. Hopefully, it will make you chuckle and forget about your worldly troubles for a bit.

Interested? View the Kiwee x Master Tingus Triangle Sling Bag in all its glory.

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